By: Tony Frye

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-#Card Title
1Campsite Meeting!
2Taking Cover!
3A New Assignment!
4Pete\'s Plan!
5The Decision!
6Julie in Disguise!
7A Familiar Face!
8Mod Photographer!
9Pete and Linc Undercover!
10Julie\'s Report!
11Planning a Trap!
12Bewildered Girl!
14The Beating!
16The Final Blow!
17Comforting Words!
18Pete\'s Scheme!
19On the Beach!
20Sunbathing Detective!
21Illegal Entry!
22Important Discovery!
24Stop or I\'ll Shoot!
25Under Arrest!
26Disturbed Detectives!
28Final Instructions!
29Countdown Hour!
30Trouble Brewing!
32The Protesters!
33Happy Trio!
34Show Time!
35Theater Night!
36At the Museum!
37A New Caper!
38Police Doctor!
39At the Zoo!
40Taking a Break!
41Pete\'s Bag!
42Julie Unwinds
43Capt. Adam Greer
44Linc Hayes
45Miss Lipton\'s Day Off
46Rich Rebel
47The In Crowd
48Mod Squad\'s Mentor
49Hippie Cop
50Mr. Clarence Williams III
51Miss Peggy Lipton
52Mr. Michael Cole
53Lady Cop
54The Mod Squad
55Young Detectives