Boss Baby Figures Coming to Funko Pop Movies Line

By: Tony Frye

Last Updated:

Funko is adding two new figures to their Funko Pop Movies line of vinyl collectibles based on the upcoming Dreamworks Animated film, The Boss Baby.

The film, staring Alec Baldwin as the titular “boss”, is set for a March 31, 2017 release but you can get your hands on two versions of the Boss Baby in February. The first wave is only two characters but it stands to reason that more characters or variants will be added if the film proves to be a box office success.

A complete checklist of Funko Pop Movies figures can be found under the tab at the top of this page. The two new additions are:

  • 394 – Boss Baby in a suit
  • 395 – Boss Baby in a diaper and shirt

Having only seen the trailer (below) it is unknown if the “Boss Baby in a Diaper and Shirt” imagery is accompanied by a Risky Business spoof but one can only hope. Check out the trailer and watch until the end (there’s a great Baldwin reference at the end) and you may get excited for this film which is sure to be filled with adult humor the kids won’t understand.