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Bob Ross is finally receiving the highest of honors – a Funko Pop vinyl figurine.

The Joy of Painting host, who passed away in 1995 at the age of 52, has received a resurgence in popularity since Twitch ran a marathon of his programs in 2015. Drawn to his relaxing persona, Bob Ross has become a hit among college students who weren’t even alive during the first run of his programs.

Further adding to the appeal of Bob Ross is the popularity of “Paint Nights” where people learn to paint, in the style of Ross, while drinking with their friends.

Since the Twitch marathon, full episodes of Ross’ programs have been uploaded to YouTube and are regularly aired on Twitch but for folks who were around for his first airings, the painter of “happy little trees” was already a beloved institution.

The Bob Ross Funko figure will be released in August 2017 and is sure to be massively popular. It is included in the “Television” line of vinyl figurines and numbered 524 in that series. A full checklist of Funko Pop Television figures can be found by clicking the hub button at the top of this page. The checklist can be searched by series number, character, franchise, retail exclusive, variant, or limited edition availability.

As of this reporting, no variants or retail exclusives have been announced for the Bob Ross figure but don’t rule out the possibility of more of these little painters in the future.

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