Batman the Animated Series Villains Coming to Funko Pops

By: Tony Frye

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Batman The Animated Series is scheduled to receive a second wave of figurines in the Funko Pop Heroes line and this new wave is focused on the villains.

Expanding on the six figures released in November 2016, several first time characters are being portrayed in the Heroes line including Clayface, Phantasm, and Robot Batman. All the characters are in the iconic designs that made Batman The Animated Series a hit with children and adults in the 1990s.

A full checklist of figures can be found under the tab at the top of this page, simply search for Batman the Animated Series to narrow down to these specific designs, but the new figures are as follows.

  • 191 – Clayface
  • 192 – Bane
  • 193 – Batman (Robot)
  • 193 – Batman (Robot, chase)
  • 194 – Catwoman
  • 195 – Scarecrow
  • 198 – Phantasm

The Batman Robot chase, which features a full robot head instead of the standard half, is randomly distributed one for every six of the standards. This wave does not include any retail exclusives but with the endless possibilities and the fan love for the Animated Series, it is likely that future waves are still on the horizon.

Batman The Animated Series ran for 85 episodes between 1992 and 1995 and was a landmark television show in terms of tone, design, and story quality. Further, it cemented Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as the definitive voice actors for Batman and Joker respectively.

The show won several awards, including Emmys, and is regarded by many as one of the greatest Batman adaptations of all time. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, for which figure 198 is based, was a feature length film spawned from this show and is regarded by many, including most the panel of the Batman on Film podcast, as a top Batman film.

The Funko Pop Heroes line, upon release of these figures, will now include 13 Batman The Animated Series figures.