Animaniacs Coming to the Funko Pop Animation Line

By: Tony Frye

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It’s a faboo day for fans of the 1990’s animated hit, Animaniacs because the likenesses of the beloved characters are coming to the Funko Pop Animation line. One of the most irreverent cartoons of all time, up there with Rocky and Bullwinkle and Ren and Stimpy, Animaniacs was the perfect blend of classic Warner Brothers slapstick humor and dry, adult wit.

Largely following the exploits of Yakko (a Groucho Marx type), Wakko (a Ringo Starr type), and Dot, Animaniacs was a fast paced follow-up to the popular Tiny Toon Adventures, both produced by Steven Spielberg, which ran for 99 episodes over five seasons on the Fox network. The cartoon blurred the lines between children’s humor and adult humor with risque innuendo so deeply hidden in the script that parents could appreciate it without having to explain to their kids what was so funny.

The Funko line of Animaniacs toys features the three main characters as well as Pinky and The Brain who were included as separate segments in the original show and later became their own spinoff cartoon. As such, the Pinky and The Brain figures are labeled with their spinoff title and not the Animaniacs moniker.

The figures are included in the Animation line. Below is a checklist of the Animaniacs specific figures and a full checklist of this collection can be found on the tab above.

  • 159 – Pinky
  • 160 – Brain
  • 161 – Yakko
  • 162 – Wakko
  • 163 – Dot

So far there are no retail exclusives or figure variants to collect but this line is sure to be a hit among collectors alive during the 90s when this show was a monster hit. Fittingly, on April Fool’s Day, 2016, Animaniacs was added to the Netflix library but if you don’t have time to binge watch all 99 episodes, someone has graciously compiled the most naughty bits of the show for you to enjoy. Looking at this as an adult, it’s amazing our parents let us watch it but, on the other hand, what eight year old would understand the “fingerprints” joke?