Acuña, Ramirez, and Olson added to Topps Living Set

By: Tony Frye

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Today is a big day for prospect watchers who have been following Ronald Acuña as he climbs towards the majors as he was called up by the Atlanta Braves today. As luck would have it, Acuña is also being added to the Topps Living Set this week alongside Jose Ramirez and Matt Olson.

The Topps Living Set is an ever-expanding collection of hand-drawn play portraits. Three new cards are added each week and print runs are limited to final order counts. A full checklist is available under the main tab at the top of this page but this week’s checklist is as follows:

  • 19 – Ronald Acuña (Atlanta Braves) was called up from AAA on March 25th and is one of the most anticipated players of the season. This rookie card is his first among Topps on-demand sets and will be his only card in a Braves uniform for the Living Set. The 20-year-old was drafted as an international free agent in 2014 and rose through every level of the minors in 2017. His AAA batting line for 2017 was .344/.393/.548 with nine home runs over 54 games.
  • 20 – Jose Ramirez (Cleveland Indians) is having a solid start in 2018. The infielder has a 1.6 WAR in his first 20 games with a batting line of .266/.376/.557, seven home runs and only six strike outs. He is currently ranked fifth in the American League for home runs (7), eighth for walks (14), fourth for dWAR (0.6), and first for Fielding% at third base.
  • 21 – Matt Olson (Oakland Athletics) is proving to be a valuable component in what has become one of the more interesting teams in baseball. In his first 24 games, Olson is hitting .284/.364/.420 with three home runs and 11 RBI but his true value so far has been at first base where he ranks second in Assists (9), third in Double Plays Turned (17), and first in Putouts (238), Range Factor as First Baseman/Game (10.29) and Range Factor/9 Innings (10.69). If his bat approaches the power and discipline displayed in his 59 games from 2017, Olson will be a major force in the American League.

All three of these cards will be available for one week and can be purchased by clicking any of the links on this page. Final print runs will be added to our checklist as they are announced.