Aaron Judge, Joe Panik, and Nicholas Castellanos kick off Living Set

By: Tony Frye

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The Topps company announced a new line of on-demand trading cards alongside the first wave of cards which feature Aaron Judge, Joe Panik, and Nicholas Castellanos.

Unlike other on-demand card sets currently on the company’s roster, the Living Set is not focused on any particular moments from the sports of the day but is instead featuring original player portraits hand-painted by sports artist Mayumi Seto. Each card is available for purchase for just one week and will be printed according to order demand. For a discounted price, collectors can also purchase all three cards as a collective pack.

The card design is inspired by the 1953 Topps Baseball design which was the first hand-painted set released by the company. Also unlike other card sets, the design for this series will not change with each new baseball season so the Living Set may very well become the largest base card set ever if, as Topps claims, this becomes a “cross-generational” product.

Also of note, no player will be duplicated in this set unless they are traded to another team which is good news for collectors who may be growing weary of certain players dominating the on-demand market.

A complete checklist of the cards will be maintained on the main hub page for this set and will have final print runs included as they become available. The first wave of cards, released March 14, 2018, were as follows:

  • 1 – Aaron Judge (New York Yankees)
  • 2 – Joe Panik (San Francisco Giants)
  • 3 – Nicholas Castellanos (Detroit Tigers)

Click one of the links on this page to purchase your set today!

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